The Golden Gate Quartet: Stalin wasn't Stallin' (Сталин не оставлен)

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21.04.2019 - 23:23
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Мы все знаем нынешнюю политику США в отношении Иосифа Виссарионовича Джугашвили, или как все его знают - товарища Сталина.

Но надо понимать, что это было далеко не всегда. Во времена второй мировой, которая у нас совершенно обосновано зовётся Велика Отечественная Война, уровень популярности Сталина в США был крайне высок.
Даже в мультипликации того времени он представлялся как классный усатый дядька, который набивает морду гитлеру. В том, что гитлер плохой, тогда не сомневался ни кто, кроме его солдат, и солдат его союзников.

Так в 1943 году группа The Golden Gate Quartet записала песню под названием Stalin wasn't Stallin', что можно перевести как "Сталин не оставлен".
В те года песня была довольно популярна.

Предлагаю послушать как саму композицию, так и её музыкальный перевод.
Ну и задуматься, как при помощи пропаганды можно на 180 градусов развернуть общественное мнение.


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Ну и адаптация на русском языке:

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Да нам сегодня по телеку уже всем сказали, что Сталин был почти хороший и при нем жилось чуть хуже, чем при Вове.

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The Golden Gate Quartet: Stalin wasn't Stallin' (Сталин не оставлен)
22.04.2019 - 00:01
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Цитата (Томчик @ 21.04.2019 - 23:58)
Да нам сегодня по телек уже всем сказали, что Сталин  был почти хороший и при нем жилось чуть хуже, чем при Вове.

Ваш либерастский сарказм тут не уместен, речь про промывку мозгов на 180градусов и о том, что такое проворачивали и 100лет назад... brake.gif

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Цитата (Томчик @ 21.04.2019 - 23:58)
Да нам сегодня по телек уже всем сказали, что Сталин был почти хороший и при нем жилось чуть хуже, чем при Вове.

Говорят что когда Киселев подходит к зеркалу то оно плюет ему в ебало.причем не только дома-везде
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Ваш либерастский сарказм тут не уместен

Вы по одному предложению диагнозы ставите?

The Golden Gate Quartet: Stalin wasn't Stallin' (Сталин не оставлен)
22.04.2019 - 01:39
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текст бы привел хоть
(Willie Johnson)

Stalin wasn’t stallin’
When he told the beast of Berlin
That they’d never rest contented
Till they had driven him from the land
So he called the Yanks and English
And proceeded to extinguish
The Fuhrer and his vermin
This is how it all began

Now the Devil he was reading
In the good book one day
How the God created Adam
To walk the righteous way
And it made the Devil jealous
He turned green up to his horns
And he swore by things unholy
That he’d make one of his own

So he packed two suitcases
Full of grief and misery
And he caught the midnight special
Going down to Germany
Then he mixed his lies and hatred
With fire and brimstone
Then the devil sat upon it
That’s how Adolf was born

Now Adolf got the notion
That he was the master race
And he swore he’d bring new order
And put mankind in it’s place!
So he set his scheme in motion
And he was winning everywhere
Until he up and got the notion
For to kick that Russian bear

Yes he kicked that noble Russian
But it wasn’t very long
Before Adolf got suspicious
The he had done something wrong
Cause that bear grabbed the Fuhrer
And gave him an awful fight
Seventeen months he scrapped the Fuhrer
Tooth and claw, day and night

Then that bear smacked the Fuhrer
With a mighty armored paw
And Adolf broke all records
Running backward towards Krakaw
Then Goebbels sent a message
To the people everywhere
That if they couldn’t help the Fuhrer
Go down help that Russian bear

Then this Bear called on his buddy
The noble fighting Yank
And they sent the Fuhrer running
With their ships and planes and tanks
Now the Fuhrer’s having nightmares
Cause the Fuhrer knows damn well
That the Devil’s done wrote » Welcome »
On his residence in Hell

и вот 1982 вышла пластинка Nothing can stop us
с этой песней в исполнении Роберта Уайтта
на обратной стороне была вот эта вещь

Питер Блэкмэн (Peter Blackman)
Сталинград поэма

Hushed was the world
And oh, dark agony that suspense shook upon us
While hate came flooding o’er your wide savannas
Plunging pestilence against you –
All that stood to state: “Where men meet
There meets one human race!”
Therefore did men from Moscow to the Arctic
Rounding Vladivostok to the South where Kazbek lifts its peak
Still work and working waited news of Stalingrad
And from Cape to white Sahara
Men asked news of Stalingrad
Town and village waited what had come of Stalingrad
The tom-tom beat across thick forest
While every evening at Palava
Old men told of Stalingrad
The gauchos caught the pampas whisper
The windswept hope of Stalingrad
And in the far Canadian north
Trappers left their baiting for the latest out of Stalingrad
In the factories and coal fields
Each shift waited what last had come from Stalingrad
While statesmen searched the dispatch boxes
What they brought of Stalingrad
And women stopped at house work
Held their children close to hear
What was afoot at Stalingrad
For well men knew that there
A thousand years was thrown the fate of the peoples
Stalingrad, oh star of glory
Star of hope, oh star of flame
Oh what a midwife for this glory
Take for the pattern Pavlov and his men
A soviet soldier and his nine companions
Who full seven weeks sleepless by night and day
Fought nor gave ground
They knew that with them lay
That where men meet should meet one human race
Carpenters who had built houses
Wanted only to build more
Painters who still painted pictures
Wanted only to paint more
Men who sang life strong in laughter
Wanted only to sing more
Men who planted wheat and cotton
Wanted only to plant more
Men who set the years in freedom
Sure they would be slaves no more
They spoke peace to their neighbours in tilling
For in peace they would eat their bread
Uzbeks, Tatars, Letts, Ukranians
Russians, Muscovites, Armenians
Who ringed forests wide around arctic
Brought sands to blossom, tundras dressed for spring
These kept faith in Stalin’s town
We may not weep for those who silent now rest here
Garland these graves
These lives have garlanded all our remaining days with hope
Stalingrad, oh star of glory
Star of hope, here spread your flame
Now when news broke that Stalingrad
Still lives upon the banks of Volga
That Stalingrad was still a Soviet town
Then the turner flung his lathe light as a bird
And the gaucho spread his riot in the pampas
For this news of Stalingrad
The tom-tom beat wild madness
When the elders brought Palava these tidings out of Stalingrad
The English housewife stopped her housework
Held her child close and cried aloud
Now all men will be free!
And from Good Hope, black miners answered
This will help us to be free!
In the prison camps of Belsen
Sick men rounded from their guards
Now life was certain
Soon all men would be free
New light broke upon Africa
New strength for her peoples
New trength poured upon Asia
New hope for her peoples
America dreamed new dreams
From the strength of her peoples
New men arose in Europe
New force for her peoples
Once more they stand these men
At lathe and spindle
To recreate their hours and each new day
Bid houses rise once more in Soviet country
Men ring forests wide round arctic
Move rivers into deserts
And with high courage
Breed new generations
For still the land is theirs
Uzbeks, Tatars, Letts, Armenians
Caucasians, Muscovites, Crimeans
Still they speak peace to their neighbours at tilling
To all the wide world
And men come near to listen
Find by that day of Stalingrad
That this voice is theirs
Then Red Star spread your flame upon me
For in your flame is earnest of my freedom
Now may I rendezvous with the world
Now may I join man’s wide-flung diversity
For Stalingrad is still a Soviet town

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The Golden Gate Quartet: Stalin wasn't Stallin' (Сталин не оставлен)
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